Highlighted Trails

Trail Map(Acrobat format)

The Allis Trail is considered part of the Highlands Trail System and is located in the western portion of the park. Access to the 3.2-mile Allis Trail is provided from a blue marked trailhead and parking area shared with Sterling Ridge Trail on Route 17A, 2.4 miles west of Benjamin Meadow Road. The trail begins opposite the parking lot entrance. It parallels the read through a mixed oak forest for 1.6 miles until veering off along the ridge of bedrock, pitch pine, oak and heath eventually connecting to the Appalachian Trail.

The Indian Hill Loop Trail connects to the Appalachian Trail and is accessible from Old Orange Turnpike. An unpaved read leads to the parking area. A kiosk marks the trailhead, which is blazed with yellow Scenic Hudson trail markers. The 4-mile trail ascends two high points with pleasant views of Route 17 and Arden south and east. The old farmstead of Indian Hill has several massive fieldstone walls and many ancient oak and sugar maples that the trail passes by. There is a connecting trail of blue blazes leading to the Appalachian Trail.

The Sterling Ridge Trail is considered part of the Highlands Trail System and is also located in the western portion of the park. It is 5.3 miles in length. There are magnificent views of Sterling Lake along the way to the Sterling Fire Tower that is located approximately 3 miles from the 17A northern trailhead. Hikers can access the Sterling Ridge Trail from a northern or southern trailhead. At the northern terminus, hikers enter the trail from a blue blazed trailhead on Route 17A near the western border of the Park. A small parking area that holds approximately 8-12 cars is located near the trailhead. The trail continues south along Sterling Ridge to the southern boundary of the Park. At the southern terminus of the trail in the Park, the trail connects to a regional trail that crosses Passaic, New Jersey parklands.

The Wildcat Mountain Trail is 2.7 miles long and begins at the commuter parking lot at the junction of Route 17A and Route 17. The white blazed trail starts with a steep ascent that levels out to approach a magnificent scenic view of Route 17 and the Sterling Forest® State Park mountains south and Harriman State Park east. The Wildcat MountainTrail continues northwest passing foundations of a 19th century iron forge (the Southfield Furnace) and its associated community to end on Hall Drive adjacent to Orange Turnpike.

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