Village of Greenwood Lake Interactive 3D Map

This interactive map of the village will help you familiarize yourself with the location of many of the businesses and public buildings in the village. The map requires at least (Internet Explorer version 5/Netscape version 6), javascript must be enabled(usually the default setting), and you must have a screen resolution of at least 800x600.

Click on the links below to select the map window size. Street and Business/Organization names will appear in the upper left of the window when the cursor is placed over them. Click on buildings or links on the left to zoom in for more info.

Click Here for Full Window

Click Here for Large Window(1000x560)

Click Here for Small Window(780x450)



Warning this map is for reference purposes only and may not be to scale or a totally accurate representation. Feedback and comments, correspondence from businesses/organizations that would like to be added or deleted, or any general questions about the map should be e-mailed to

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