State and National Parks

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New York State Parks

The newest park of the New York State park system is 17,988 acre Sterling Forest State Park. Acquired in 1998 and 2001 to provide clean drinking water by preserving watershed lands, the park is the largest undeveloped area located just outside of a major metropolitan area on the east coast. Besides being an important habitat for a variety of species it also offers excellent recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the area.

General Information on park activities can be found here but please contact or visit the Sterling Forest State Park visitors center for updated and additional information. For those who are interested in hiking please check out the Highlighted Trails and basic trail map. The park also hosts a variety of educational and family events as outlined in this Calendar of Events. The Boating Information sheet outlines the rules and regulations regarding boating and fishing in the park.

New Jersey State Parks

Ringwood State Park home to the New Jersey Botanical Garden is Sterling Forest's sister park, just over the NY/NJ border. Comprised of the lands around two great estates and the old Long Pond Ironworks, this recreational area provides a perfect mix of formal gardens, hiking paths, and picnic areas.

General Information on the park can be found here but please contact or visit the Ringwood park visitors center for updated and additional information. The Botanical Gardens also host a variety of events and tours throughout the year, more information is outlined in this Calendar of Events.

National Parks

The “A.T.,” as it's called by hikers, is much more than just a path through the woods. It is a national scenic trail, part of the same national park system that includes Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Great Smoky Mountains. Its official name is the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. But, unlike those famous parks, it's not a concentrated preserve, with campgrounds and paths within its boundaries. As the longest, skinniest part of America's national park system, the A.T. stretches over 14 different states and passes through more than 60 federal, state, and local parks and forests. Hundreds of roads cross it. In some parts, the Trail “corridor” is only a few hundred feet wide.

The Appalachian Trail through New York is much less secluded than nearby Trail areas, but is more wooded and removed from civilization than one might expect considering its proximity to the large population centers. For mor information about the trail please visit:

The Appalachian Trail

New York and New Jersey Trail Conference - Appalachin Trail Page


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